The Publisher

The Publisher

My very first web page, in 1998, was made out of sheer frustration. We were pregnant but for several weeks I had to be in the Netherlands. I “killed” my leisure time constructing a page about the pregnancy and our upcoming baby.

Maybe my love for web development started there?

Either way, the page quickly grew into a site with family-friendly information and downloads. The site quickly got its own domain name. The domain quickly became very popular.

Good News Blog

One of the sections on the site featured good news. It was and is something I feel passionate about: I believe “The News” instills in a lot of people the false believe that everything is going down the drain. It isn’t. [The Good News Is the Bad News Is Wrong].

On a whim I decided to put the content on its own domain; Good News Blog. I worked on it intermittingly only to start really publishing in September 2003. Since then Good News Blog has grown into a Newsweek recommended source for positive news stories and has received international media coverage.

Joy of Christmas

The child in me is very much alive. I like it that way and keep it that way.

One of the ways in which that expresses itself is that I like, no love, holidays and celebrations. I sometimes invent special days, hang up banners throughout the house, decorate, make special food, and surprise my family with a Special Day. Nothing beats the look on the faces of my children when I do that.

Christmas has to be the best party a year can bring. The season lasts for weeks, the expectations rise high, the decorations are everywhere.

Out of this love for Christmas Joy of Christmas was born. Time-restraints meant the domain remained dormant for a year or so. In November 2005 the site really went live though and became an overnight success, drawing over 500 unqiue visitors a day right from the start.

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