Print the Evernote Note List with SnagIt [Printing]

Print the Evernote Note List with SnagIt [Printing]

Sometimes, like during the Weekly Review, I like to have a hardcopy of the note list (the top pane in the Evernote desktop client).

There’s no native option to print the note list but don’t let that stop you.

I use a “scrolling window” profile in the screen capture program SnagIt to capture the note titles I want to print.

In snagit I crop the list to only have the title and tags columns visible; you might have your own preference.

The note font is quite small but before printing you can play with the page setup: stretching the image makes it more readable at times.

During the Weekly Review I print out two of these lists: one with personal to do’s/someday’s, and one with work related to do’s/someday’s.

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  1. Great idea. Also tested and works with the Fasstone Capture app. Too bad both apps only grab a screen shot. would be nice if it was able to grab the info as text.



  2. Didn’t think to mention it in my previous message, but did you know that there’s a print template file that you can put/adjust in the EN app folder to control the print functionality of EN?

    I ran across it while search the EN site for a way to do what your post did. It works, but it’s a bit ‘Geeky’ – to use the word from your past post.

    I have been experimenting with having two of the HTML files in the EN folder and just renaming the one I want (Titles only vs. full note listing).


  3. You may want to consider an article on this:

    and this

    I was able to move a lot of documents from my PC to Google Docs, convert them simply and easily to .pdf and them move them quite effortlessly to Evernote.

    I love Evernote.. and keep finding more and more ways to love it.. some thanks to your blog.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. @Wayner One of the Evernote factlets I keep in Evernote, yes :) Thanks for reminding me! I’ve used a customized template a few times but that was more to play with.

    @Tom Good idea, Tom. And yes, Evernote is quite versatile, isn’t it?

    Really nice blog you have yourself there, by the way. Subscribed right away.

  5. Many Thanks – really useful article.

    Does anyone know how to capture a scrolling window like this on a mac? Snagit and Skitch don’t seem to do that scroll thing :(


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