The Person

Hard-core family man. Loyalty. Strength. Dedication to one another.

A love of words, writing, reading, listening, singing, praising, rejoicing.

Comfort the frightened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.

The Professional

Self-employed web publisher. Programmer. Developer.

Consultant. Aid. Help. Advisor.

Happily employed with Search Engine People.

Archive: PHP

Insert Adsense in Content in WordPress

While ago I was playing around with inserting Adsense ads not somewhere floating before or after the content but in it.

Mind Like Water: PHP’s Stateless State

In karate there is an image that’s used to define the position of perfect readiness: “mind like water”.
— David Allen, Getting Things Done

I find web applications, scripts, fascinating. Like water their natural state is stateless. And like water they have no memory at all.

Every time you interact with a web application is its first time ever. Every single time is its first and only time.

Custom Queries for Evernote

Custom Queries for Evernote

Custom Queries for Evernote

How I Use Projects in Evernote (and tie them back to actions)

12 Month + Some People Tickler File

Recurrence in Evernote GTD