The Person

Hard-core family man. Loyalty. Strength. Dedication to one another.

A love of words, writing, reading, listening, singing, praising, rejoicing.

Comfort the frightened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.

The Professional

Self-employed web publisher. Programmer. Developer.

Consultant. Aid. Help. Advisor.

Happily employed with Search Engine People.

Archive: Life

You’re Just Being Interesting With Your “Information Overload”

Twitter’s Ev thinks Twitter can help you overcome Information Overload.

That’s Sillicon Valley thinking. Information "overload" is a Sillicon Valley type of problem. Such problems are mostly a matter of choice, exist in a very small sub-culture — and have virtually no baring on the real lives of normal people. (more…)

Why Being Productive & Creative Isn’t About the Time of Day

Mornings are pretty cool. I like to see the sun hesitantly flow into the day. I like the feeling of being “there” sooner than anybody else. And of course of getting so much done before the rest of the world starts their day.


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