The Person

Hard-core family man. Loyalty. Strength. Dedication to one another.

A love of words, writing, reading, listening, singing, praising, rejoicing.

Comfort the frightened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.

The Professional

Self-employed web publisher. Programmer. Developer.

Consultant. Aid. Help. Advisor.

Happily employed with Search Engine People.

    You’re Just Being Interesting With Your “Information Overload”

    Twitter’s Ev thinks Twitter can help you overcome Information Overload.

    That’s Sillicon Valley thinking. Information "overload" is a Sillicon Valley type of problem. Such problems are mostly a matter of choice, exist in a very small sub-culture — and have virtually no baring on the real lives of normal people. (more…)

    Evernote GTD How To

    The following 15 minute setup enables you to use Evernote as a frictionless GTD list application. Easy entry, no multiple notebooks required. Works with you, not against you.

    The setup features:

    • notebook independent setup: enter and use to do notes anywhere, anytime
    • Project List
    • list aggregating all next actions
    • @ context lists
    • Waiting For
    • Someday/Maybe
    • 5 “time required” levels & lists
    • done/audit list
    • toggle checkbox (/tag) to move items on/off the Someday/Maybe list

    The description is for an old Windows desktop client, Evernote 3.1, but works anywhere Evernote does. Current versions of Evernote have no counts shown next to the saved searches: Evernote 3.1 gives a clear at-a-glance view of where you have how many open items.

    Custom Queries for Evernote

    Custom Queries for Evernote

    Custom Queries for Evernote

    How I Use Projects in Evernote (and tie them back to actions)

    12 Month + Some People Tickler File

    Recurrence in Evernote GTD