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Hard-core family man. Loyalty. Strength. Dedication to one another.

A love of words, writing, reading, listening, singing, praising, rejoicing.

Comfort the frightened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.

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Self-employed web publisher. Programmer. Developer.

Consultant. Aid. Help. Advisor.

Happily employed with Search Engine People.

    English Books Needed for Students

    My wife @DoraGedeon is a special needs teacher over here in French speaking Quebec. Her challenge is to help kids with learning disabilities to read, write, speak and understand English.


    Despite us scouring garage sales and second hand stores, we can’t find enough English material to keep them engaged. And of course there’s no school budget to get these kids anything.

    If you have English books or magazines, please consider donating them? Reasonable condition would be appreciated. These kids are 13-16 years, both girls and boys.

    You can send your donation to:

    G5L 7A7

    Special Needs You Say?

    Now what does that mean, “special needs” and “learning disabilities”?

    It means tough kids who had it rough.

    Or kids willing and so eager to learn but somehow … somehow things just don’t go along at the speed we demand sometimes.

    Or they’re kids who lived through a lifetime and education just wasn’t the foremost concern; now they have to catch up.

    Or, yeah, biology in some way or another dealt them a card you or I might probably wouldn’t have want to play out.

    Either way, in a world where knowledge of English is a must, they, too, deserve to get a fair chance. Having the option to browse through cool magazines and great books helps to keep them going at a time when they simply don’t want to.

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