The Developer

The Developer

If you’re shopping around online you’re most of the time comparison shopping. Searching for a developer to help get your project along or off the ground is no different.

You heard about me from a business partner, or maybe you read my name somewhere. Maybe it was even a plain simple web search which brought you here. And now you want to see what I got, see my “features”, find out about my minimum “requirements”. See where I fit in.

In short: you want me to convince you.

Sorry — I can’t.

Look at this page

This page was not hand coded. I typed the text into WordPress, a blog/publishing tool. It stored it in a MySQL database. When you requested this page a PHP script retrieved the information from the database, parsed a template, and generated the page you’re now viewing. The content and “look” are seperated. Within minutes I could change the whole look and feel of this site without actually redoing any page.

Can you see the technique? When you arrived at this page did you feel impressed with the thousands of man hours that went into the development of the script?

I bet you you weren’t. If you had been, something would have been wrong. A good developer delivers technical solutions which “just work” and as such are almost completely transparent, close to being non-existent. You never notice the coding work until it wouldn’t be there.

You can’t see me

That’s the problem we have. I can’t impress you. I could point to work I’ve done for other clients but you would never see it. I could invite you to read my code but if that would make any sense to you, you most likely weren’t looking around for somebody like me.

The only way I can let you know what you would get is by answering “yes”.



Yes to “do you think it would be possible to…”.

Yes to “can you…”.

Yes to “I would like…”.

Yes to “what I really want is…”.

That project you have in mind right now, I can confidently say yes to. I know: I’m a professional.

Maybe we should just talk?

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