So what do you do?

So what do you do?

Tasks are clearly marked, it’s clear what everyone does. The web designer designs web sites. The graphic artist does the creative. The copywriter provides the content. The SEO expert makes sure you follow the best practices to get targetted traffic that converts. The usability expert pinpoints bottlenecks, roadblocks, drawbacks, and offers opportunities to reach expanded market segments.

“And the web developer… erm… develops… erm… well uh…”

Yup, that’s the problem. It’s not always 100% clear what people like I do.

I make it happen

Whenever your site is larger than a handful of handcoded HTML pages, I’m the one who makes sure that everything you and the experts want, actually happens. I’m the “get go” guy.

It means I program your site. I setup a database that contains your content so down the line you can implement a new look and feel to your site without redoing anything. I program your online catalog in such a way that the system and not you will take care of resizing all images to the right sizes.

For your existing site I help you convert thousands of search engine unfriendly URL’s to search engine friendly ones. Without downtime.

Whenever you wonder “Would it be possible to…”, I’m the expert who tells you yes, explains how it can be done, outlines the advantages and disadvantages, and provides the cost estimate.

But really — what do you do…

I program. I design. I consult on the technical side of SEO implementations for various companies and technical teams. I program custom solutions for SEO companies and online businesses.

America’s foremost cult expert Steve Hassan has entrusted the maintenance of his site into my hands as do numerous other sites.

To handle the expanded workload I teamed up with Search Engine People. Acting as an in-house consultant and SEO technician I do things like enabling a JavaScript-driven site to be crawable without any changes to the server-side logic, or develop a non-cloaking solution to rank a large appliance manufacturer #1 without making any changes to the site itself.

In my free time, usually somewhere in the middle of the night, I publish web sites among which Good News Blog and Joy of Christmas.

I also moderate on Cre8asite Forums.

My best time I spend with my family.

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