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    Print the Evernote Note List with SnagIt [Printing]

    Sometimes, like during the Weekly Review, I like to have a hardcopy of the note list (the top pane in the Evernote desktop client).

    There’s no native option to print the note list but don’t let that stop you.

    I use a “scrolling window” profile in the screen capture program SnagIt to capture the note titles I want to print.

    In snagit I crop the list to only have the title and tags columns visible; you might have your own preference.

    The note font is quite small but before printing you can play with the page setup: stretching the image makes it more readable at times.

    During the Weekly Review I print out two of these lists: one with personal to do’s/someday’s, and one with work related to do’s/someday’s.

    7 Responses to “Print the Evernote Note List with SnagIt [Printing]”

    1. Wayner Says:

      Great idea. Also tested and works with the Fasstone Capture app. Too bad both apps only grab a screen shot. would be nice if it was able to grab the info as text.



    2. Ruud Says:

      Well, that’s where it gets geeky, I guess; you could upload the image to Google Docs which can OCR it… See: Perform OCR with Google Docs – Turn Images Into Editable Documents

      For me having the screenshot is enough as my only purpose is to get it printed :)

    3. Wayner Says:

      Didn’t think to mention it in my previous message, but did you know that there’s a print template file that you can put/adjust in the EN app folder to control the print functionality of EN?

      I ran across it while search the EN site for a way to do what your post did. It works, but it’s a bit ‘Geeky’ – to use the word from your past post.

      I have been experimenting with having two of the HTML files in the EN folder and just renaming the one I want (Titles only vs. full note listing).


    4. Tom Murphy Says:

      You may want to consider an article on this:

      and this

      I was able to move a lot of documents from my PC to Google Docs, convert them simply and easily to .pdf and them move them quite effortlessly to Evernote.

      I love Evernote.. and keep finding more and more ways to love it.. some thanks to your blog.

      Keep up the good work.


    5. Ruud Says:

      @Wayner One of the Evernote factlets I keep in Evernote, yes :) Thanks for reminding me! I’ve used a customized template a few times but that was more to play with.

      @Tom Good idea, Tom. And yes, Evernote is quite versatile, isn’t it?

      Really nice blog you have yourself there, by the way. Subscribed right away.

    6. Angus Says:

      Many Thanks – really useful article.

      Does anyone know how to capture a scrolling window like this on a mac? Snagit and Skitch don’t seem to do that scroll thing :(


    7. Note List | Says:

      […] to print the note list but […]

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