From Google Reader automatically into Gmail

From Google Reader automatically into Gmail

Gmail works great as a personal nerve center.

An efficient way to get data into the system, apart from typing it or using the Send To button or GmailThis bookmarklet, is a combination of Google Reader and FeedBurner.

Whenever I come across something in Google Reader that I might want to use as reference material later on, I don’t star it (S) but Share It (SHIFT + S).

I have a FeedBurner feed setup for the feed of those Shared Items and have configured that feed to have an email version available as well.

Subscribe to that email version and voila, once a day the full texts of my shared items arrives in my Gmail, gets labeled DB (database) and removed from view.

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  1. What I do is similar. I also share what I like, but the shared feed goes to my blog, where is posted for other to see/read/enjoy. What I like to keep, privately, I use the email feature of Google Reader and send it to my self, to my special Gmail account “”, where gets automatically labeled and archived.

  2. Don, in the Publicize tab click on Email Subscriptions. There will be a link on the page named “Preview Subscription Link…”. You can click this and subscribe right there.

  3. I do a similar thing with RSSFWD ( I use rssfwdto forward my feed to my Gmail as well. I used to use Yahoo Alerts until a couple of weeks ago, but then it inexplicably stopped working (and a quick web search suggested I wasn’t the only person who was finding that Yahoo Alerts email alerts were no longer working), so I discovered rssfwd and went from there.

    One nice thing about rssfwd is that you can choose whether to have individual emails or a digest, though I don’t suppose it’s unique in that respect.

  4. I do something similar using RSSfwd. I have my shared Greader feed sent as a daily email. I also created a “to read” page in Google Notebook and marked it as “shared”. I forward that feed to my Gmail via RSSfwd also. Whenever I come across something I want to read, but don’t have time to at the moment, all I have to do is right click and “add to notebook” and I’m done. :)

  5. Thanks for the info. I’ve been wanting to accomplish this setup for some time, but your description just finished the process for me. Now, if I can get GMail to read the tags in items from rather than its system, I’d be pleased.

  6. Hopefully you can help me with this. I read all the comments above and it doesn’t seem like any of them address exactly what I want. What I want to be able to do is to get an email (in GMail) every time a person writes a response in the comments section of a blog, any ol’ blog where I subscribe (through an RSS feed) to the comments of that particular post. I can (obviously) just get it in my Reader account, but it would be SO much more convenient if I could get it in my GMail inbox automatically and promptly.

    I tried following the instructions you gave above for using FeedBurner, but what I don’t quite get is this: is there a way to subscribe (by email) directly through feedburner, or do I have to post the Subscription Form Code or Subscription Link Code somewhere and then subscribe at that location?

    Also, am I right in the impression that I would have to set up a separate feed at FeedBurner for every single comments RSS that I want to subscribe to? Is there a way that I can have one feed at FeedBurner that essentially aggregates two, three or fifty feeds? If I can combine feeds, it would be reasonably simple to just add them as I go, but if not… forget it. That’s not an elegant solution to my “problem” at all.

    It all just seems like a lot of work just to get something from my Reader account into my GMail inbox. It’s not THAT hard to just try to check my Reader account more often, but we all know it’s really convenient to just wait for an email and not have to go looking in other places for things.

    If none of these options work, can you think of a workaround that would accomplish the same thing?

    Thanks for your time!

  7. @That Guy I haven’t been looking for such a setup but of the top of my head I would look for an RSS-to-email service and use one of those.

    @justin I’m have Feedburner pick up my shared items and then use Feedburner’s shared HTML (under publicize). That way I have more control over the look & feel

  8. I subscribe to RSS feeds of one website via Google Reader. I want to share all feeds I receive from this site publicly with everyone.

    Currently, I log in to Reader and click on the “Share/Unshare” button at the bottom to share the feeds. I am trying to find a way to avoid logging in and clicking the button to allow the share.

    Is there a way for me to automatically “share” all my feeds, in this case from only one site?

    If I add other RSS feeds from other sites, how do I protect some and still allow others to automatically share?

    Thanks for the help.

  9. Hmmm no not in that way. You could add it to a folder/tag which you make public, the way your shared items are public. Maybe that would work “good enough” for you? Check in settings

  10. Hello!
    Is there a way in which you can automatically share ALL the feeds, instead of having to click “share” one by one?
    Thank you.

  11. Brilliant, simply brilliant. Allows me to quickly email myself RSS feeds via the email subscription option on Feeburner. now if Google could get its stuff in line you could do it from Reader in a perfect world.

    I simply took the link copied it to a browser tab and subscribed myself after I setup the most basic of feeds based on the RSS feed I found. That should then email me when the feed updates.


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