Create Instant Evernote To Do Note

Create Instant Evernote To Do Note

I’m a big fan of the “new note” and “paste into Evernote” global hot keys in Evernote.

Global Hotkeys in Evernote

This week I added to that the global hotkey CTRL + ALT + T to create a new To Do item from any application.

The hotkey is made in AutoHotkey (widely used freeware macro utility).

The script to add is:

send ^!n
WinWait, All Notebooks - ruudhein - Evernote
send ^!n
Sleep, 1000
send ^+C

Now, when you press CTRL + ALT + T, the script opens Evernote by “pressing” CTRL + SHIFT + N, puts the focus on the note by again pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N, waits one second to allow Evernote to prepare the new note, and then it inserts a checkbox. Now you can start writing your note :)

6 Replies to “Create Instant Evernote To Do Note”

  1. Hmmm, I have autohotkey running and added the script, reloaded autohotkey… and the CTRL + ALT + T seems to work.. but not the part that inserts a checkbox.

    What am I doing wrong?


  2. Well I’m now not sure whether the problem might have been mine all along.

    I tried raising the timer from 1000 to 5000 and all worked fine. Then I tried lowering it in increments of 100.. and got all the way down to 200.. and it still worked.

    I have now set it at 300 as a final – and all seems good. We’ll see.

    But I suspect my initial problem was either a SAVE problem.. or a RELOAD problem.. mine in any case.

    Thanks for the reply.. and for the original hotkey.


  3. Another helpful autohotkey tip. To tag the note, you have to hit f2, tab, tab. This will do that for you with ctrl+t in evernote:

    #IfWinActive, All Notebooks – ruudhein – Evernote
    Send {F2}{tab}{tab}


  4. I had one like that, mapped to the F2 in EN actually but I needed delays. Don’t know what it is but both that function and yours works sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    Thanks for adding it though!

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