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    Create Instant Evernote To Do Note

    I’m a big fan of the “new note” and “paste into Evernote” global hot keys in Evernote.

    Global Hotkeys in Evernote

    This week I added to that the global hotkey CTRL + ALT + T to create a new To Do item from any application.

    The hotkey is made in AutoHotkey (widely used freeware macro utility).

    The script to add is:

    send ^!n
    WinWait, All Notebooks - ruudhein - Evernote
    send ^!n
    Sleep, 1000
    send ^+C

    Now, when you press CTRL + ALT + T, the script opens Evernote by “pressing” CTRL + SHIFT + N, puts the focus on the note by again pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N, waits one second to allow Evernote to prepare the new note, and then it inserts a checkbox. Now you can start writing your note :)

    6 Responses to “Create Instant Evernote To Do Note”

    1. Tom Murphy Says:

      Hmmm, I have autohotkey running and added the script, reloaded autohotkey… and the CTRL + ALT + T seems to work.. but not the part that inserts a checkbox.

      What am I doing wrong?


    2. Ruud Says:

      Try setting the Sleep time higher. Let me know if that works for you.

    3. Tom Murphy Says:

      Well I’m now not sure whether the problem might have been mine all along.

      I tried raising the timer from 1000 to 5000 and all worked fine. Then I tried lowering it in increments of 100.. and got all the way down to 200.. and it still worked.

      I have now set it at 300 as a final – and all seems good. We’ll see.

      But I suspect my initial problem was either a SAVE problem.. or a RELOAD problem.. mine in any case.

      Thanks for the reply.. and for the original hotkey.


    4. Chris Says:

      Anyone have a similar solution for OS X?

    5. Brian Says:

      Another helpful autohotkey tip. To tag the note, you have to hit f2, tab, tab. This will do that for you with ctrl+t in evernote:

      #IfWinActive, All Notebooks – ruudhein – Evernote
      Send {F2}{tab}{tab}


    6. Ruud Says:

      I had one like that, mapped to the F2 in EN actually but I needed delays. Don’t know what it is but both that function and yours works sometimes yes, sometimes no.

      Thanks for adding it though!

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