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Hard-core family man. Loyalty. Strength. Dedication to one another.

A love of words, writing, reading, listening, singing, praising, rejoicing.

Comfort the frightened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.

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Self-employed web publisher. Programmer. Developer.

Consultant. Aid. Help. Advisor.

Happily employed with Search Engine People.

    Daily Outcomes & Life Review Template

    A template that helps you set the 1-3 things you really want to get done today, followed by a look back at the day prompting you to look at what you did, what you learned, and what goes well.

    To hit all the right notes in a day can be hard. There are so many should‘s that if you count them all up it seems as if they consume the whole day.

    Counting your blessings, looking at what you did for yourself and for others, taking stock of what you learned, these are all things that sound great but fall by the wayside as soon as we really hit the grind.

    As always, let’s make it automatic instead. Let’s add these key notes to our daily template.

    Here’s what that looks like. You can copy and paste this into Evernote or download this ENEX file (right-click and save as…) and import it into Evernote.

    Of course you can use the copy-and-paste version of the template anywhere: put in in Springpad, in todo.txt, wherever.

    In Evernote I have it in my Templates folder. When I close my day and review this note I click to the pinned template in my favorites bar and copy a new version to my Daily Outcomes folder (on Windows I use the shortcut keys CTRL + N, C, N to copy the note template but if you prefer just use the mouse).

    I title each day’s note with the date and name of the day.


    Today’s Successful Outcome:

    End of Day Review

    What did I do today:

    What did I learn?

    What can I improve?

    What kind act did I do?

    What did I enjoy?

    Three Things I’m Grateful For:

    2 Responses to “Daily Outcomes & Life Review Template”

    1. Lawrence Says:

      Hi Ruud,

      Thank you for the template! THIS is just about exactly what I have been looking for since beginning Evernote last year.

      But I’m a little stuck with using it properly, and wonder if you would mind helping me out a little?

    2. Ruud Hein Says:

      For the meat of this note I can best refer you to

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